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a picture of the willie mays statue, printed it and made a 3-d one. >> piracy, laws will have to catch up with technology. that's a legitimate concern. >> totally legitimate concern following music video and everything else, everything embedded with intellectual property. the law is nowhere close contemplating the ability to do this. but i have confidence in the legislative process and the commercial marketplace will sort this out. >> body parts clothing, practical function, medical equipment. >> yes. >> parts for airports, airport airplanes all of it. >> when they first started doing this it was called rapid prototyping. it was low volume high value. we would go to low volume high value. a hearing aid that fits your ear. dentistry where you need a crown. only one needs to be made in the world, so you could 3-d print the hearing aid. there is a friend of mine who is in san francisco using it for prosthetic legs, braces for scoliosis. the one i love is braces for scoliosis. totally curable, mostly adolescent girls who don't want to wear the brace. if you wear the brace, imagine going from
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2 (some duplicates have been removed)